by innards



self-released on CD (80) and 12" vinyl (150 / 75 black, 75 forest green swirl).

recorded and mixed by jasper den hartigh @ bird sound recording, austin tx.

artwork/hand-screened printwork by harrison hickok

jon, tom, justin, and leo on the trax

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released December 4, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: wall
Reject the phone calls ignore the voice I never thought it would end this way. Feeling insecure with my actions as if I tore this apart. Should I feel bad. should I feel worse, or should I forget? Gone through this many times, but always ends in disdrought. I need to move on from this pain. It's holding me back from the possible greater moments out there.
Track Name: memories imploding
The reoccurence of our memories flashing before our eyes. Seeking out new peers with the same mindset. Give in to this peer pressure I hear! Throughout my years of struggling with friendships I tend to leave all behind. I repeat, do i belong. I'll keep my eyes peeled and hopeful. I'll strive and keep the streak alive of searching for that humble human.
Track Name: polynesian business ethics
Years go by as I sit here in the dim light. settling with what I have at the moment I understand theirs a better way of going about my every day living. I ignore it usually. I shy away from my potential. Due to lack of confidence. I tend to deal with the bare minimum. I short myself so much and it eats me up! Where do I go from here?
Track Name: speedvayne
Reaching out to the fullest extension so close, yet so far one step at a time. THe fixture will cease the day, unless the second wind prevails. Fear is the key in this situation, but why? If only one life than will their ever be a second chance? Forgiveness is the way of starting over. Pours on like rapid water fall. Usually you learn from the errors, yet on the other hand
Track Name: s.gze
Watching from a far the ignorance unfolds starting at day one. With the naive enclosed mindset. Feeling as everyone you know is on the same page. Well, truth be told our society can be a cluster of negative experiences. Taking them in one at a time is reasonable. In time we learn to deal with certain situations. No, there is no way out of this time frame. We sit and wait. For the day it all makes sense.
Track Name: man, fuck.
I bury these feelings deep down in the very pit of my stomach. Tossing and turning every night before my eyes shut. I feel empty on the inside. Pondering on my decisions I've made in the past couple of months. Were they for the best or worst? I have uplifting moments when thinking. I can't say now, but eventually it'll all pour out. Helping you has caused me so much pain and anguish. I try and stay strong. The human mind can only take so much. I try and stay strong. I feel for you, but you need to take matters in your own hands. Please let me go I've taken too much. please let me go. I can hardly breathe your name
Track Name: clean cut, rough trade
I miss the smiles. I miss the affection. I miss the sincerity. Why do I ignore it? I'm trying to figure that out as the days go by. It's easier said than done, I hear. Look in look out I still see the same face in the mirror for now.
Track Name: scamming for underage hunniez on x
The hurt never seems to go away. Repeating at the moments of day. I search for ways out with strong tactics, yet the needle keeps spinning with no end. The endless recording in my head of flash photos of pearly whites and gleaming eyes, I spend my day gazing upon. (WAITING FOR) Twisting and turning my stomach turns.As I try to slumber away.
Track Name: hard to swallow
Smiling with the upmost sincerity the truth I feel from your warm presence is the finale. I feel worthwhile when you're around. The amount of lies and deceit is what keeps one eye open at all times! I still have faith in you. I feel worthwhile when you're around.

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